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I’m an art director/graphic designer from Edinburgh.  I”ve started this blog to keep a personal record of anything which inspires me.


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  1. I am part of a team (Fwis + Ministry of Imagery) that has just launched a new magazine for designers/creatives. I know, I know…who needs another design magazine? But we think we have covered a necessary niche that has gone on neglected. We are calling it Design Business Review, as simple and straightforward as that. Here is the brief synopsis:

    “DBR is simple, pragmatic advice on the business of creativity. Our readers will gain a strategic advantage in their profession by learning how to get a job, win clients, and survive the recession.”

    We are getting the word out. We have some amazing contributions from Michael Bierut, Joe Duffy of Duffy+Partners, Craig Duffny of BBDO, and some tips and interviews from several others, including Mucca and Dress Code. You can see a large image of the cover at the link below.

    Go to the site and poke around. The idea was to get this much needed information out there at a time when it can really make a difference.

    Thanks for consideration!

    Keenan Cummings

  2. You’ve blogged on my book How to Drink and I wanted to let you know that it was designed – brilliantly – by Sarah Carr who created all the illustrations, from citrus slices to entire coffee machines, from typography. You can’t imagine how pleased I was when I first saw what she’d done.

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