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The Thrift Book by India Knight


I borrowed this from a work colleague and really enjoyed reading it.

It’s packed with thrifty hints and tips and the design is great too. I love the gold foil-block on the cover – although don’t know how much it says “thrifty”!

The quirky illustrations were created by Debbie Powell.


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Queen Nigella

Nigella Christmas

Ok, I know Christmas is long gone but one of my favourite presents was the Nigella Christmas cook book.

The layout was beautiful and the food photography stunning.

I have now decided that my dream design project would be to be art direct a Nigella Lawson cookbook! What about one on summer picnic food? Lots of gingham prints, outdoor shots of picnic blankets and hampers laden with Nigella’s finest…

Now I’m confused – is it the prospect of the design or the prospect of the food that’s got me so excited?

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Herb Lubalin


A particularly inspirational designer for me. His logo for Mother and Child magazine is one of the most simple and cleverest pieces of graphic design I’ve ever seen.

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She’s got a ticket to ride


Back at the end of November four of us from the creative department at my work attended the Morag Myerscough Long Lunch event at Edinburgh College of Art.

She talked about her work, her studio,what inspires her, how she conducts her research and her employment philosophies (she believes no-one should work with her for longer than 18 –24 months, as after that you’re no longer being challenged).

 I found her graphic and installation design for clients such as the Design Museum, the Barbican and the Royal College of Art very inspiring.

I particularly liked her design of the Deptford Project, where she got to re-invent a disused railway carriage as a café and community arts centre.


It was so nice to hear someone speak with genuine enthusiasm and excitement about their work. She even found herself apologising for running over by 20mins as she had so much she wanted to tell us about.

All-in-all a very interesting evening – and they were even kind enough to hand out copies of the ‘She’s Got a Ticket To Ride’ 6-colour, screen-printed poster on the door. Mine is currently on the wall in my study, but you can see it on the home page of her website.

The most recent Long Lunch took place last night at the Glasgow School of Art and unfortunately it sold out before I could get myself a ticket! London based agency Tomato were up this time. They recently created the typography for Quantum of Solace.  

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Eggpress stationery


I’m a bit of a card snob ie I’d never buy one from a supermarket, Clinton Cards or Hallmark.

I tend to favour the more individual designs you can find in Paper Tiger or the Red Door Gallery.

If this sounds pretentious then fair enough, but I don’t see the point in giving one unless it’s right for the intended person.

Eggpress stationery has long been a favourite of mine. I love the texture of the paper and the slightly grainy, faded imagery.

Above is a thank you card I bought for a friend.

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Lovely Letterpress Work



To say I’m extremely excited about starting my evening class in Printmaking Techniques at Edinburgh College of Art next month is a bit of an understatement. I can’t wait!

I’m not sure whether I’ll get to have a go at letterpressing, but I can only hope as it’s always looks amazing – so simple but classy when done right.

Beast pieces, which is run by Studio On Fire, devotes itself to showcasing some beautiful letterpress work.

My favourite piece is the poster for a gallery show called the Poster Offensive. It’s so intricate and delicate (see above).

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London exhibitions



One of the reasons I sometimes really wish I lived in London…

I was down visiting my cousin at the beginning of the month so took the opportunity to visit the Design Museum again. I love this place! And not just for the amazing gift shop and the beautiful building. The featured exhibition was fashion designer Hussein Chalayan (who I admit I had never heard of before going) and I found it really interesting. Some of the fashions were really off the wall but I spent at least an hour just watching the videos of his catwalk shows.



I had been hoping to catch the British Insurance Designer of the Year 2009 again (I saw it last year when I was in London briefly with work), but I missed it by a week. At least they have a photographic record of everything here.

Defining Constructivism

And while I’m at it, the Tate Modern’s has just opened Rodchenko and Popova – Defining Constructivism. I’m really drawn to the constructivist style of graphic design with it’s abstract collages and striking typography. Last year I went to Foto – Modernity in Central Europe 1918 to 1945 at the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh and found it particularly inspiring.

Anyway, I think I’ll need to find an excuse for another trip down there before the end of May.

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