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Scottish Design Awards Nominations Exhibition

12_oh-eightposterI was through in Glasgow at this exhibition last night. My favourite piece was the only nomination in the poster category for Telford College’s Student photography exhibition, created by Glenn Garriock. Such  clever but simple idea really well executed – I wish I’d thought of it!

It’s a shame the graphics section of the exhibition was in a space with such poor lighting – it was really hard to get a proper look at the stuff on display without straining your eyes!


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At Elier


The portfolio of Swiss designers Julien Notter and Sebsatien Vigne. Full of clean and contemporary typographic work, the timeless design approach is sometimes reminiscent of Penguin book overs from the 70s.

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Carrying on with the theme of collections, this site is for album covers.

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The client didn’t get it…


Fwis‘s website can be navigated in a very unique way. Search for projects filed under the above, we didn’t get paid, it just came to me, most of these projects don’t use colours and many other section headings.

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Book covers galore


Dedicated to showcasing the best in book cover design, this amazing collection has been collated by American agency Fwis.


Endless amounts of inspiration to be had here. These are my 2 favourites.

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City Fonts – the t-shirt

city_fonts_t-shirtI’d forgotten about the old Mac Chicago font! That takes me back to the old B&W Macs I used in first year at secondary school. The ones with the tiny little screens.

Read more here.

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Emily Hogarth’s papercut designs


I’m in awe of anyone who can be in this much control of a scalpel!

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Lula magazine’s typeface


Beautiful magazine and equally beautiful signature typeface that goes by the same name.

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