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Night lights in London


A beautiful set of night-time light pictures on Flickr by future ancient. I love the colours, and the atmospheric, festive feel of the pictures. How can winter be so appealing in the middle of the summer?!


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An Empty Edinburgh


A really beautiful photographic study of Edinburgh architecture by one of the Long Lunch founders Aaron Harper.

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Queen Nigella

Nigella Christmas

Ok, I know Christmas is long gone but one of my favourite presents was the Nigella Christmas cook book.

The layout was beautiful and the food photography stunning.

I have now decided that my dream design project would be to be art direct a Nigella Lawson cookbook! What about one on summer picnic food? Lots of gingham prints, outdoor shots of picnic blankets and hampers laden with Nigella’s finest…

Now I’m confused – is it the prospect of the design or the prospect of the food that’s got me so excited?

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Vanity Fair Cover Exhibition

On Thursday night I went to the Vanity Fair Cover Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. One of my favourite photographs was this one of Julianne Moore portrayed as Ingres’s ‘Grand Odalisque’ by Michael Thompson – an absolutely stunning piece of photography. It was fascinating to see all the cultural icons which have graced their cover over the past century.

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