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Designer weddings

I’m getting married next year so will be facing the daunting but exciting task of designing my own wedding invitations. I already have a couple of ideas but have been doing a bit of research into what other designers have created, both for themselves and for others.

This invite was created by Company London. I love the beautiful simplicity of it, combining the names of the couple to create their own identity. They have many other amazing pieces of design on their site


Another really simple execution, this invitation was created by Edinburgh agency One O’ Clock Gun. Die-cut holes to spell out the word matrimony translated the meaning of ‘holy’ in the most literal way.


And this invitation by design-ed, created for his own wedding, physically creates a cross to symbolise the religious ceremony.


So simplicity seems to be what I’m gearing towards. Keeping it clean with bold typography. I hope I can answer my own brief effectively!


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Manhattan in type

jim_datz_manhattan_brooklynThink I’m going to purchase this print by Jim Datz which I saw on Three Potato Four (introduced to me by Conversation Pieces). I do already have a vintage map of Manhattan, but I’m thinking I may start up a collection of different maps of NYC… or perhaps of all my favourite American cities. Giving me an excuse to purchase this typographic print of Chicago from Ork Posters. I have a great love for Chicago (which you’ll find out more about in a later post) and the Manhattan Ork poster just wasn’t as nice to look at.


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Night lights in London


A beautiful set of night-time light pictures on Flickr by future ancient. I love the colours, and the atmospheric, festive feel of the pictures. How can winter be so appealing in the middle of the summer?!

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