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Phaeton from Veer

A recent addition to my font library has been the beautifully ornate Phaeton by Kevin Cornell. A gorgeous collection of letterforms, catchwords, swash variants and ligatures.  Read more about the making of it here.


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Moomah, NYC


I love the collage illustration on Moomah’s hompage.

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Creative Chicago meets Designer wedding invites


This find can fall under both! Anne Benjamin AKA MOK DU creates the most beautiful hand-printed wedding invites from her Chicago studio and also has a portfolio full of charming illustrations.

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Manhattan in type

jim_datz_manhattan_brooklynThink I’m going to purchase this print by Jim Datz which I saw on Three Potato Four (introduced to me by Conversation Pieces). I do already have a vintage map of Manhattan, but I’m thinking I may start up a collection of different maps of NYC… or perhaps of all my favourite American cities. Giving me an excuse to purchase this typographic print of Chicago from Ork Posters. I have a great love for Chicago (which you’ll find out more about in a later post) and the Manhattan Ork poster just wasn’t as nice to look at.


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Anthony Burrill

01_neon_lightSome really inspiring stuff here. Unfortunately the image I’ve used hasn’t transferred very well and the lines look all raggedy – they don’t look like that in the real thing!

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Skinny Ships


Loving the posters on this San Fransisco-based designer’s site.

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Emily Hogarth’s papercut designs


I’m in awe of anyone who can be in this much control of a scalpel!

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The Thrift Book by India Knight


I borrowed this from a work colleague and really enjoyed reading it.

It’s packed with thrifty hints and tips and the design is great too. I love the gold foil-block on the cover – although don’t know how much it says “thrifty”!

The quirky illustrations were created by Debbie Powell.

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Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2008 Illustration

I really look forward to the ECA Degree show each year, in particularly the illustration as I’m always left in awe of how talented many of them are. Here are my favourites from this year’s show.

This book sculpture was created by Lucy Roscoe. It’s so intricate – I can’t even begin to imagine how long it must have taken to create. Really gorgeous stuff.

I also badly wanted to buy this Lovebird print of Lucy’s but unfortunately it’s not pay day until next week.

Sophie Elm’s show was centred around her “Impossibly perfect garden party”. She works under the pseudonym of Jeff Josephine Designs and has an array of gorgeous illustrated items on her site available to buy. The symmetry of her designs is illustrations.

Emily Sutton created a collection of fabric songbird’s which are absolutely beautiful.

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Beautiful typographic illustrations

I am a big fan of Eileen Ogg‘s work which I discovered at Edinburgh College of Art’s 2006 Degree Show.

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