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Emmi Salonen is one of my favourite graphic designers. I have long been an admirer of the clean graphic style that she combines with such clever, but simple (if that makes sense?!) concepts. I particularly love her brochure and document designs.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything of hers on here already, so here are a few of my favourite pieces of hers.


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Fake vinyl CD labels


I love this kit I got in Paper Tiger… There’s defenitely not a funkier way to package your music CDs. The labels turn the CDs into mini-vinyl, complete with their own sleeves.

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Red design


Surely a dream agency to work for – awesome art direction and design for music industry clients.

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A few more wedding invitations


This beautifully simple offering from A Friend of Mine uses typography based on two interweaving circles, symbolising the couple’s future life together. It also reminds me of two wedding rings.



Tom Crawshaw created this gorgeous suite of wedding stationery which features atmospheric photography of French locations.


This final offering is a D&AD winner created by the creative director of Mash Design. The concept centres on growing old together, with the A5 booklet showing how he and his bride will look 10, 20, 30 and 40 years into the future.

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Moomah, NYC


I love the collage illustration on Moomah’s hompage.

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The Highline


The Highline was supposed to have opened by last September when I was on holiday in NYC. Unfortunately it ran a little behind schedule so I missed out on seeing this former rail track, which has now been converted into an public park. I’ll defenitely be having a look next time I’m there though – I bet there’s some amazing photos to be had.

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Us and them


Loads of inspiration to be had from this collection of colourful screen printed posters from Us and Them Studio.

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Abi Huynh


The sort of portfolio site that makes me so jealous.

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Pantone Typeface


I’m loving this typeface by Marc Alcock  created entirely from Pantone swatches.

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