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Punctuate everything you speak

Such a clever idea – punctuation earrings designed by Tom Paul Carey.


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Make some noise!

Loving the typography on this bag, designed by Wyeth Hansen for Part Of It.

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Type coasters


I saw these awesome type coasters in the latest copy of Creative Review. I went straight on to the Veer website to buy  some, only to be told they only ship to North America. Boooooo.

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City Fonts – the t-shirt

city_fonts_t-shirtI’d forgotten about the old Mac Chicago font! That takes me back to the old B&W Macs I used in first year at secondary school. The ones with the tiny little screens.

Read more here.

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Emily Hogarth’s papercut designs


I’m in awe of anyone who can be in this much control of a scalpel!

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The Thrift Book by India Knight


I borrowed this from a work colleague and really enjoyed reading it.

It’s packed with thrifty hints and tips and the design is great too. I love the gold foil-block on the cover – although don’t know how much it says “thrifty”!

The quirky illustrations were created by Debbie Powell.

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Queen Nigella

Nigella Christmas

Ok, I know Christmas is long gone but one of my favourite presents was the Nigella Christmas cook book.

The layout was beautiful and the food photography stunning.

I have now decided that my dream design project would be to be art direct a Nigella Lawson cookbook! What about one on summer picnic food? Lots of gingham prints, outdoor shots of picnic blankets and hampers laden with Nigella’s finest…

Now I’m confused – is it the prospect of the design or the prospect of the food that’s got me so excited?

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Eggpress stationery


I’m a bit of a card snob ie I’d never buy one from a supermarket, Clinton Cards or Hallmark.

I tend to favour the more individual designs you can find in Paper Tiger or the Red Door Gallery.

If this sounds pretentious then fair enough, but I don’t see the point in giving one unless it’s right for the intended person.

Eggpress stationery has long been a favourite of mine. I love the texture of the paper and the slightly grainy, faded imagery.

Above is a thank you card I bought for a friend.

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London exhibitions



One of the reasons I sometimes really wish I lived in London…

I was down visiting my cousin at the beginning of the month so took the opportunity to visit the Design Museum again. I love this place! And not just for the amazing gift shop and the beautiful building. The featured exhibition was fashion designer Hussein Chalayan (who I admit I had never heard of before going) and I found it really interesting. Some of the fashions were really off the wall but I spent at least an hour just watching the videos of his catwalk shows.



I had been hoping to catch the British Insurance Designer of the Year 2009 again (I saw it last year when I was in London briefly with work), but I missed it by a week. At least they have a photographic record of everything here.

Defining Constructivism

And while I’m at it, the Tate Modern’s has just opened Rodchenko and Popova – Defining Constructivism. I’m really drawn to the constructivist style of graphic design with it’s abstract collages and striking typography. Last year I went to Foto – Modernity in Central Europe 1918 to 1945 at the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh and found it particularly inspiring.

Anyway, I think I’ll need to find an excuse for another trip down there before the end of May.

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