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Phaeton from Veer

A recent addition to my font library has been the beautifully ornate Phaeton by Kevin Cornell. A gorgeous collection of letterforms, catchwords, swash variants and ligatures.  Read more about the making of it here.


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Helvetica Cookie Cutters

For the design concious baker. From Beverly Hsu.

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Make some noise!

Loving the typography on this bag, designed by Wyeth Hansen for Part Of It.

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Pantone Typeface


I’m loving this typeface by Marc Alcock  created entirely from Pantone swatches.

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New York notebook


Ok, so it’s not got all the detailed information of a Lonely Planet or a Rough Guide but Laurie Rosenwald’s typography and collages are so gorgeous to look at, the information comes second. Plus, it leaves you space to fill in your own New York finds. Ours included our amazing B&B right in the heart of SOHO and Delicatessen – the excellent SOHO eaterie which Marque Creative did the graphics for. I so love the typeface they used in the identity.

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Manhattan in type

jim_datz_manhattan_brooklynThink I’m going to purchase this print by Jim Datz which I saw on Three Potato Four (introduced to me by Conversation Pieces). I do already have a vintage map of Manhattan, but I’m thinking I may start up a collection of different maps of NYC… or perhaps of all my favourite American cities. Giving me an excuse to purchase this typographic print of Chicago from Ork Posters. I have a great love for Chicago (which you’ll find out more about in a later post) and the Manhattan Ork poster just wasn’t as nice to look at.


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The Deepfont Challenge


Another “how well do you know your fonts” game, but this time within a timeframe, so there’s added pressure.

Nicked from

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Here Design

How to Drink 1

At lunchtime I saw the most beautifully designed book – How To Drink by Victoria Moore. I’m sure the actual content is great but I was captivated by the typographic illustrations – amazing!

How to Drink 2


Turns out the designs were created by Here Design so I went to have a little look at their website and guess what else they have in their portfolio… Nigella’s Christmas, which I previously blogged about to say how fabulous I think it looks.


They have some other really beautiful stuff on their site like their branding and packaging for Gail’s Bakery – so all that remains to be said is… can I have a job please?!

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Some awesome typography and layout design. Nicked from Form Fifty Five.

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pprwrk Studio


I love the quirky typographic work on this portfolio site.

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