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An Empty Edinburgh


A really beautiful photographic study of Edinburgh architecture by one of the Long Lunch founders Aaron Harper.


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Design Business Review


A new industry magazine created by Fwis and Ministry of Imagery.

It’s an American publication so doesn’t seem to touch on the British design industry at present, however there’s still a lot of interesting stuff in there. 

“DBR is simple, pragmatic advice on the business of creativity. Our readers will gain a strategic advantage in their profession by learning how to get a job, win clients, and survive the recession.”

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Dress Code


New York-based design studio whose 2 founding partners have a combined age of less than 46! They’ve done some amazing stuff for MTV and have just published Never Sleep , a book on successfully making the transition from design student to designer.

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Some awesome typography and layout design. Nicked from Form Fifty Five.

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pprwrk Studio


I love the quirky typographic work on this portfolio site.

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Type coasters


I saw these awesome type coasters in the latest copy of Creative Review. I went straight on to the Veer website to buy  some, only to be told they only ship to North America. Boooooo.

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Max Huber


I just got this book out of the library and am finding it to be an endless source of inspiration. I think I’ll be buying a copy for myself.

I was prompted to post about it after reading this article about another great Swiss graphic designer, Josef Muller Brockmann, on Papercut Panic’s blog.

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Seb Lester’s type posters


Seb Lester is the man behind the SOHO typeface and these beautiful typographic prints.

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