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Phaeton from Veer

A recent addition to my font library has been the beautifully ornate Phaeton by Kevin Cornell. A gorgeous collection of letterforms, catchwords, swash variants and ligatures.  Read more about the making of it here.


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Helvetica Cookie Cutters

For the design concious baker. From Beverly Hsu.

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Brighten the Corners

Just discovered these posters by London and Stuttgart agency Brighten the Corners. To celebrate their 10th birthday they created 3 posters which including the creme de la creme of client emails from the past 10 years. Some of them had me laughing out loud.

My favourites include:

  • Hello. Attachment?!
  • Any other graphics or general fun that you can think of including would be great.
  • I don’t know what kind of ‘resolution’ is needed for this, but obviously it has to look crisp.
  • Foreword – can you please replace this with something a bit more salesy?

Some of their other projects that I really love include branding and a website for Holy Mountain and a series of posters featuring Italian sayings for the Italian Cultural Institute.

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A few more wedding invitations


This beautifully simple offering from A Friend of Mine uses typography based on two interweaving circles, symbolising the couple’s future life together. It also reminds me of two wedding rings.



Tom Crawshaw created this gorgeous suite of wedding stationery which features atmospheric photography of French locations.


This final offering is a D&AD winner created by the creative director of Mash Design. The concept centres on growing old together, with the A5 booklet showing how he and his bride will look 10, 20, 30 and 40 years into the future.

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Pantone Typeface


I’m loving this typeface by Marc Alcock  created entirely from Pantone swatches.

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The Deepfont Challenge


Another “how well do you know your fonts” game, but this time within a timeframe, so there’s added pressure.

Nicked from

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Skinny Ships


Loving the posters on this San Fransisco-based designer’s site.

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Type coasters


I saw these awesome type coasters in the latest copy of Creative Review. I went straight on to the Veer website to buy  some, only to be told they only ship to North America. Boooooo.

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Seb Lester’s type posters


Seb Lester is the man behind the SOHO typeface and these beautiful typographic prints.

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Herb Lubalin


A particularly inspirational designer for me. His logo for Mother and Child magazine is one of the most simple and cleverest pieces of graphic design I’ve ever seen.

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