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Helvetica Cookie Cutters

For the design concious baker. From Beverly Hsu.


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Brighten the Corners

Just discovered these posters by London and Stuttgart agency Brighten the Corners. To celebrate their 10th birthday they created 3 posters which including the creme de la creme of client emails from the past 10 years. Some of them had me laughing out loud.

My favourites include:

  • Hello. Attachment?!
  • Any other graphics or general fun that you can think of including would be great.
  • I don’t know what kind of ‘resolution’ is needed for this, but obviously it has to look crisp.
  • Foreword – can you please replace this with something a bit more salesy?

Some of their other projects that I really love include branding and a website for Holy Mountain and a series of posters featuring Italian sayings for the Italian Cultural Institute.

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Studio Makgill

Lovely clean print identity work from Studio Makgill. I also love the the GPC Visa Annual Report – how to create something visually stunning on little or no budget. Inspiring stuff.

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Louise Fili

I love the elegant, beautiful graphic style of Louise Fili – former designer for Herb Lubalin.

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Martin Brown

Amazing portfolio of work from this Australian designer, currently working at Marilyn & Sons in Melbourne, but moving to London in the new year. I particularly some of the university projects he has included.

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Lottie Crumblehorne

What a lovely name and what a lovely design for a cookbook from this recent Royal College of Art graduate.

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Media Trust branding by Form

An excellent example of clean, cost-effective graphic design by Form. The photography shows how well each item sits withe the others.

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Trevor Jackson

Slick website, art direction and graphic design from Trevor Jackson.

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Red design


Surely a dream agency to work for – awesome art direction and design for music industry clients.

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Because Studio



I was sent a link to these brilliantly clever posters from Because Studio by Zoe at Conversation Pieces. They have a portfolio full of gorgeous print work. I adore this stationery for Low Winter Sun.

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